All Aboard

“I am God, there is no one who can snatch you out of my hand; I work, and who can stop it?” (Isa. 43:13)

Failure is always unpleasant. In fact, most truly competitive people hate losing more than they like winning, because, while winning is fun, losing sucks.

Most games are ultimately comprised of little victories and failures. The team or player with the least failures usually wins.

This is the case in chess, tennis, boxing, baseball, basketball, football – indeed, anything you can think of.

Whoever makes the least amount of mistakes wins.

What about the game of Life?

Same thing.

While all of us humans are fallible and quite capable of making mistakes, God is not.

What God says, goes.

He has the first and final word on absolutely everything. His goals are always achieved. His plans have never failed – as they are always perfect. (Rom. 12:2)

Alas, we are left with two choices:

1) Continue to follow our own fallible plans – or –

2) Get on board with God’s perfect plan

A moment of reflection might well reveal that life hasn’t exactly turned out just the way you wanted. Mostly for the worse, unfortunately, but sometimes for the better.

I thank God that He didn’t say “Yes” to every one of my prayers.

He’s declined several of my requests over the years. And, while I would be unhappy about it at the time, it would inevitably be for the best, I would see, later on.

God has plans and they cannot be thwarted. Not by you, me, or the devil himself. But they are real, they are detailed, and they are perfect.

Understanding His plans is not a prerequisite, and, unfortunately, He rarely deigns to disclose them in any fine detail to us.

Regardless, trying to stop God’s plans is like a 2-year-old trying to block an NBA player’s dunk: it ain’t happening.

You can call it a bandwagon if you like, but I’m ditching my plans and getting aboard!