A riddle:

(See if you can solve it before the end)

You can spend me how you like; I really don’t care.

But spend me you will, as you do everywhere;

In the market, at home, in church, or in school;

There’re two types who consume me: the wise and the fool;

All that you need, you have right this minute;

But after the fact, most regret how they spent it;

The goal is to use me without feeling guilt;

To leaving the legacy – long last – you have built;

If you’ve not solved it yet, it isn’t a crime;

The commodity I’m wasting right now is your time!


“Tomorrow,” I said. “I will get to it later.”

But you know not that time’s neither merchant nor trader.

There isn’t enough; not a moment to lose.

Event’ually will be the instant to choose.

This one or that? Decide with an oath;

For by chasing two rabbits, you’re missing them both!

Moral: Time is precious. Don’t waste it by putting things off for later, or by trying to do so much at one time that you don’t accomplish anything at all.

Way of the Warrior

Stand in the gap, stand firm, and stay strong;

Not wise in your eyes – be humble with song;

For God in His glory, His wisdom and might,

Will hold you upright,

To His utmost delight!

We are His warriors who fight and do battle;

This call is for all who take action – no prattle;

We take up our shield and handle our sword,

And gain a reward,

As we stand with our Lord!

Our statement is thus: We are never ashamed;

To defend and depend on He who was blamed;

He chose to show mercy and even be nice,

To pay the full price,

For our sin to suffice!

Jesus is Lord, my King, and my Guide;

In whom I resume to rest and reside;

In living by faith, and never by sight;

He lends me His light,

And the power to fight!

Most important is this: The work that we do;

We pray as we stay in His love to pursue;

The wicked and evil, so all that remains,

Are heavenly gains,

For persistence’s claims!