Blessings of Welfare

“Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare” (Jer. 29:7)

The wisdom of God goes far beyond what any mere mortal might fathom. In His wisdom, along with the frequent confusing command, sometimes the Lord’s dictums simply make good sense.

Seek the best for your group, and your group will be better off for it.

Human beings are the most intelligent and versatile species on the planet.

When a person decides to do a thing – watch out – because the individual is a mighty force. A force which is rendered unstoppable in the right circumstances.

Generally, the only thing that can stop a strong-willed person is another, strong-willed group of people.

There is virtually no limit to what a cohesive group can achieve. That is why God scattered the people who built the Tower of Babel. (Gen. 11:6-8)

Oftentimes, a company with a fierce, competitive, corporate structure will succeed in weeding out the weak and elevating the strong.

But this has numerous and obvious drawbacks:

Employees are prone to back-stabbing and betrayal, rumor-spreading and slander, manipulation and deception…

But that’s just business! That’s the way it is! It’s dog eat dog out there!

Sadly, this is true.

If it were not, God wouldn’t have needed to put it in writing that we should operate the opposite way.

For, as the cunning and conniving can climb the ladder and leave the competition back at the bottom, a less ruthless individual – who could actually be more competent regarding the actual job, but lacking in the social realm – is neglected, cast out as irrelevant.

What you are left with is a company full of ruthless cutthroats who have dominated the social hierarchy, yet may very well have no idea how to actually run the company.

Competition is good, in it’s proper place; and it is important to know who is the best at a certain task. But not at the alienation and expulsion of potential contributors.

When teamwork is promoted and competence is rewarded, and a cohesive, like-minded unit strives toward the same goal, and that goal is the welfare of said unit – without the exclusion of any contributing member – only then can greatness be achieved.

The extent of such greatness is quite unknown to man, however, for it is human nature to squabble and bicker.

But Christ cut us from a different cloth and set us apart, holy, to be the agent of change.

Pray for the welfare of believers worldwide.

Pray for your city, state, and country.

Pray for the will of the Lord to take precedence above all else.

And pray that the Lord provides an opportunity for unity among His people today.


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