You Are the Man!

“Nathan said to David, ‘You are the man!'” (2 Sam. 12:7)

David was a man of great faith, courage, and initiative; and God chose him to be king over Israel, not because he looked the part, but because of his strength of character.

But, like everyone, King David had his flaws and his moments of weakness.

The beauty of Bathsheba captivated the king so profoundly that he couldn’t control his impulses.

Nor did she resist.

After an afternoon of fun in the sun, it came to pass that Bathsheba bore a child. This wouldn’t have been so bad if Bathsheba hadn’t have been married to someone else.

The king had committed a crime and decided the best thing to do was to cover it up.

Unfortunately however, the cover up is generally worse than the crime – as is certainly the case here.

After imploring Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah, to come home from the front lines of war, David insisted he celebrate his return with an evening alone with his wife. Wink, wink.

Alas, Uriah, being an honorable man, declined, suggesting that it wouldn’t be right for him to have the comforts of home while his comrades continued to fight.

He neglected to even go inside and slept in the dirt.

Unable to convince the man to sleep with his wife – and conceivably contribute her pregnancy to that – the king ordered Uriah’s death.

David committed a murder… to cover up adultery.

A prophet named Nathan came to the king’s court to tell a little story.

He told King David about two very different men in two very different situations:

One had privilege and power while the other had very little. The one who had everything appeared to only want more, while the man with little loved and appreciated all that he had.

In the story, the man with more went on to take what little the other man had.

“Wait a minute!” King David replied. “That’s not fair at all. How dare he? On my honor, that man will pay. I swear it to God that I shall punish and kill this man myself!”

The king stands tall, foisting his sword in the air and making his declarations when Nathan says:

“But David, you are the man!!”


Deflated, David sinks back down into his seat and learns a few valuable lessons:

1) Think before you act.

2) Don’t be so quick to judge and condemn others.

3) Remove the plank from your own eye. (Matthew 7:5)

4) Don’t make a bad decision worse by making even more bad decisions; come clean and admit to your mistake while there is still a chance to rectify it, even if it makes you look bad and feel guilty.

God is graceful and forgiving, and if you ask Him to forgive you, He will.

Your actions will still have consequences, but at least you can staunch the bleeding and begin to get back into God’s good graces.


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