The Most Prescious Gift

A riddle:

(Try to solve it before the end!)

I want you to have me, ’cause I know I can help,

But you can’t hardly see me – I can only be felt;

When I’m nowhere around, all you have is despair,

Of the important in life, you no longer care;

But I come when you call me – I’m there in a jif,

Please God, don’t ignore me if you’re nearing a cliff;

The cure that so many have called on to cope,

Is the peace and the joy we receive when we hope.

*Seriously, if you need someone to talk to, either comment below, send us an email, contact a friend, pray, seek professional help, anything! Just hold on! You are special and you are loved and you are deeply cared about. 🙂

If you or a friend would like to have someone to talk to and pray with, reach out to:

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