Something We Want

A riddle:

(Try to guess the answer before the end!)

If you want me: command me – for it isn’t by right,

That you get what you want – or by being polite;

Some say ‘fore you give me, you first must receive,

But you’ll lose me forever if you’re caught to deceive;

While some try to force it, and others ignore,

If you leave me to chance, there’s no promise in store;

I’m not as elusive as some like to say,

As you carry yourself, it’s all in the way;

You can have me in droves if you never neglect,

That confidence is key in commanding respect.

Meekness Ain’t Weakness

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the Earth.”
(Matthew 5:5)

It’s commonly quipped that “meekness is not weakness” when, unfortunately, sometimes, it is.

This comes with the confusion between submission and subjection.

To submit to someone is to be meek enough to accept the authority of those placed above you.

Whereas, to be subject to someone (or something) transforms a person into a thing – an object. This restricts a person’s individuality and limits their freedom.

Submission makes a person become more of what God wants them to be, through love.

Subjection makes a person become more of what their boss, ruler, tyrant, or oppressor wants them to be, through fear.

Submission is a product of strength.

Subjection is a result of weakness.

In the movie, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” the ape leader, Caesar, was taken out by the power-hungry, human-hating, Koba.

Caesar’s apes had submitted to him because he led with love and fairness.

Koba subjected the apes to tyrannical fear; he offered hatred and destruction to anyone who dare deny him.

When Caesar was in charge, the apes voluntarily followed, out of submission – out of meekness.

When Koba took charge, the apes reluctantly and fearfully obeyed, out of fear of violence, out of subjugation – out of weakness.

It takes real strength to submit to God and the earthly authority He has put in place. It takes courage, trust, and an iron will.

Understand: We will never be over those things God has set under us until we learn to be under those things God has set over us.

There is strength in surrender.

If you want to overcome harmful habits like drugs or alcohol, or any kind of addiction, you have to come to a place where you can freely admit you need help.

And then you must submit to that help.

Being meek and humble requires immense courage and strength. It requires the determination to swallow a sackful of pride.

But the effort doesn’t have to be yours alone. Jesus displayed the power of the meek, and He sustains strength to any who ask.

But in order to ask for His help, you must first submit to His will.