“Be doers of the Word, not merely hearers who only deceive themselves.” (James 1:22)

The greatest teaching in the world ultimately amounts to nothing if the student does not apply what they have learned.

Math homework may be tedious and irritating, but the only way to remember all of those formulas and procedures is to practice, practice, practice.

You have probably heard the phrase, “Practice makes perfect,” but the truth is slightly different.

Perfect practice makes perfect.

Continual practice with faulty technique will only imbed bad habits.

Improvisation can only take you so far.

It is important to establish a strong foundation by continuously repeating a process, technique, or method until it becomes second nature – at which point you can do the task without thinking about it.

This frees your mind to concentrate on other matters, such as problem solving or strategic thinking. You are free to focus on a deeper level while still maintaining control of the situation.

If the student does not build a strong foundation, and decides to just “get by” while “winging it,” they will not have the requisite competence to effectively handle a difficult situation.

The trick is not to determine all of a sudden to learn and implement thousands of life lessons all at once. But to gradually grow over time.

Simply adopt one lesson at a time. Dig deeper and really understand what is being taught, and why, and why it matters to your life.

Over time, your knowledge will develop into wisdom.

Knowledge is accrued information; wisdom is information applied correctly.

It’s often complained that living by the Bible is hard.

But it isn’t.

It’s impossible – without the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Word of God is active – not passive. It’s power is in being obeyed, not pondered.

Again, if it seems an excessively arduous task to apply God’s Word to real life, take heart:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil. 4:13)


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