“Tomorrow,” I said. “I will get to it later.”

But you know not that time’s neither merchant nor trader.

There isn’t enough; not a moment to lose.

Event’ually will be the instant to choose.

This one or that? Decide with an oath;

For by chasing two rabbits, you’re missing them both!

Moral: Time is precious. Don’t waste it by putting things off for later, or by trying to do so much at one time that you don’t accomplish anything at all.

Way of the Warrior

Stand in the gap, stand firm, and stay strong;

Not wise in your eyes – be humble with song;

For God in His glory, His wisdom and might,

Will hold you upright,

To His utmost delight!

We are His warriors who fight and do battle;

This call is for all who take action – no prattle;

We take up our shield and handle our sword,

And gain a reward,

As we stand with our Lord!

Our statement is thus: We are never ashamed;

To defend and depend on He who was blamed;

He chose to show mercy and even be nice,

To pay the full price,

For our sin to suffice!

Jesus is Lord, my King, and my Guide;

In whom I resume to rest and reside;

In living by faith, and never by sight;

He lends me His light,

And the power to fight!

Most important is this: The work that we do;

We pray as we stay in His love to pursue;

The wicked and evil, so all that remains,

Are heavenly gains,

For persistence’s claims!

Seeking God’s Approval

“As we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the message of the gospel, even so we speak, not to please mortals, but to please God who trusts our hearts.” (1 Thessalonians 2:4)

Society has a tendency to cause us to want to be liked.

The problem with the Christian who desires to be “liked” is the tendency to tell people what they want to hear, or to compromise, or “water down” the Gospel.

This is exactly what we must not do.

Paul explains how we have been “approved” by God.

This is by God’s saving grace.

Only once we accept the grace of God, through Christ Jesus, do we find ourselves “approved.”

Paul then speaks about being “entrusted with the Gospel.”

This is attained by knowing God’s Word and having a personal testimony.

The only way to know God’s Word is to read it and study it and apply it to your life. This, in turn, is how we generate a testimony that can be tried and tested and proven to be true.

Finally, Paul states the main point is to please God, not people.

Paul doesn’t dull down the Gospel because it may offend someone. Nor does he cater to the crowd by tickling their ears, telling them lies that will make them feel better, even if the lies are what they want to hear. (Isaiah 5:20)

Refuse to give in to the pressures of the public. Instead, seek the approval of God, and be rewarded as His good and faithful servant.