A Godly Gamble

The mire of uncertainty is certainly deep;

And the hill of adversity is stunningly steep.

The weakest of wills will wallow and weep;

As the rest of the weary will stumble and sleep.

In the way that lies madness lay a trap for the eyes;

So to follow that path is where he who goes, dies.

But there is a One, all your hopes He supplies;

When the Godly go rightly, gaze fixed on the skies.

It’s the storms He stops stately, ever to remind;

That he who now sees was previously blind.

The lesson learned longly is that life won’t rewind;

But for he who looks lightly, what was lost, he can find.

To sum it all up is to say only this:

The harder you look, the more likely you miss,

That Jesus is Lord, and you cannot dismiss,

That ignorance is costly and seldomly bliss.

One final note, to all who remain:

Such sinister sin is simply insane.

To continue this path is profoundly profane;

And your welcome is awkward in the Kingly domain.

Once you have suffered and enough is enough;

Determine to turn to the One who’s not rough.

Once you have done, and He didn’t rebuff,

Learn your life is now lovely.

It was never a bluff.

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