Sinfully Awkward

“If anyone has caused someone pain, he has caused it to all of you” (2 Cor. 2:5)

Pain and suffering are often debilitating due to the pure distraction they cause.

In any group, in general, when one member suffers, the entire group suffers. This is because we are emotional beings, keenly attuned to the moods and feelings flowing around us. And we easily empathize with others who are experiencing loss, pain, or sadness of any sort.

This skill is called “social intelligence.”

Experts are adaptable and can quickly adopt whatever mood or feeling the situation demands. They are often the tone-setters of conversations and situations.

Those who are less capable in this area are usually referred to as “socially awkward.” There’s nothing at all wrong with people like this. They just don’t “fit in” and can be made to feel as if they “don’t belong.”

It is the same with sin.

It just doesn’t fit in with the life of a believer. Every time a believer sins, the whole body of believers receives a jolt of pain.

That’s what makes it awkward, because it’s not just one person who suffers – everyone suffers.

To be sure, sin plagues us all.

If we’re in the world – we’re susceptible to sin. But that doesn’t diminish its far-reaching consequences.

When you smash your thumb with a hammer, the whole body is affected. The eyes widen, the heart races, the neck and shoulders tense, the legs may even dance a little jig.

And then the thumb must apologize for the chaos it created.

But it wasn’t the thumbs fault! It was the hand that held the hammer which smashed into it, or maybe the wandering eye that was too distracted to focus.

Whichever member is to be blamed – they have all been made to suffer.

It is the same with any group – be it a family, sports team, business, or the body of Christ.

As an extension of whatever group you belong to, your actions and words reflect back on that group.

Their reflection can be positive or negative; the choice is yours.

As simply as one bad choice may cause countless others to suffer, one good choice can be the cause to rejoice.