The Interview

“If you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning” (Romans 14:23)

A wealthy man was once in need of a new chauffeur and decided to interview three candidates. He asked them each one question, and emphasized the need for honesty. “Okay, you’re driving the car, and you see a cliff up ahead. How close can you get to the edge of the cliff without going over?” The first interviewee, a hot shot driver, said, “Oh, I bet I could get us within a foot of the cliff, Sir. No problem.” The second applicant felt even more confident and said, “Within six inches, easy!” The third candidate said, “Pardon me, Sir, but I don’t want to go anywhere near that cliff!”

All too often we tend to over complicate the boundaries of sin. We even go so far as to attempt to categorize it, creating groups, such as “small sins” or “big sins.” We put things like murder and adultery into the “Super Evil” bracket, but consider lying and lust to be of the “insignificant” variety.

This is a dangerous trap – a slippery slope of justification. And once the line is blurred, it will only get harder to distinguish.

Sin is sin, plain and simple; and God hates all of it. The Greek word for sin, harmatia, literally means “missing the mark and deserving of guilt.”

The “mark” is God’s perfection; the “guilt” is your recompense: death. (Rom 6:23)

The attitude we should have toward sin resembles the third job candidate. It’s not about how close we can toe the line without crossing over.

It’s about where our loyalties lay: with God or with the world.

You know what sin is, so don’t play games with God. But, suppose something isn’t “clearly defined” in the Bible, like gambling or recreational drugs. What do you do?

Use this test: if you believe it might be wrong, don’t do it!

Trust in the Lord to guide you rightly, away from the enslavement of sin, and into the majesty of the heavenly courts. Ask, and He will help you.