Mission Statement

Our Purpose

To promote strong leadership qualities and sound biblical knowledge throughout the entire body of believers of the Lord Jesus Christ; and to equip each members with the skills to effectively and intelligently share their faith.

Our Passion

The empowerment of the part (individual) and the fortification of the whole (body of believers). We strive to teach you practical, applicable skills to help you navigate through life and be the best person you can be.

Within yourself is a wellspring of potential; and we aim to help you unlock it.

Our Promise

To serve with absolute moral, intellectual and financial integrity with open and honest accountability.

To This End

• We aim to provide daily devotions designed to sharpen believers (and non-believers alike) in every area of their lives.

• We aim to provide a prayer forum in hopes of encouraging, advising, and providing prayers for those in need; including non-believers (with a promise to neither judge, criticize, or attempt to hammer in religion).

• Via the Shepherd Shaper program, we aim to provide comprehensive resources and materials designed to develop skills in the believer’s prayer life, leadership, faith, fellowship and discipleship.

• We welcome people from all walks of life. From those looking for a fortified faith, to the uncertain who are searching for grace. We endeavor to engage in respectful discourses of controversial topics and explore conclusions as of yet unconsidered. The goal is to discover truth, not confirm biases.

• We hasten to shepherd and shape the flock with all the urgency one can muster, hoping to embody the beacon of hope God has called us to be in such darkening times.

*Any donations received will go toward providing more content and enhancing outreach programs, including programs for prisoners and prison education opportunities, the homeless, and those displaced by crime and natural disasters.

If interested in any of these causes, leave a comment, contact us through email, and don’t forget to subscribe now to receive immediate updates of new posts (it’s free and you can cancel any time; click “subscribe” below).

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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