Providential Power

Lord, there are those who quiver and shiver;

And then there are men robust as a river;

Which one am I?

I wish to be bold!

I desire to stand and never to fold.

Paragon’s Proof

Good God I love you, as surely you know;

Yet there’s only one proof of this love I may show:

Give me a command!

Just say what to do!

I’m expressing my love in obeisance to you!

Wisdom the Weary Teacher

It’s attention’s intention to hold in retention;

The words that were heard with such toutness and tension.

The sayings of old will ring faithful and true;

With renown to confound if application’s past due.

One cannot try when they’re living a lie;

To stop and reflect or to even ask why.

But they know in their hearts that the reason is them;

That they find themselves back at this juncture again.

To repair or to mend would be to transcend;

Their natural nature into which they descend.

Forsaking their solace, they’re staking their claim;

While taking their glory, neglecting their shame.

Try to take notice, rewind and reflect;

It only hurts you if you choose to neglect.

With the warning we welcome we’ll find we succeed;

In pursuance of progress, we’re finally freed!

Still some cease and desist and so often insist;

That wisdom is wasteful, and folly is bliss.

“The truth? Who cares. I have all I need!”

Well all I can hope is I’ve planted a seed…